February 26th, 2012 at Chatter Creek

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Lodge Ridge, great pow, special vertical badges, guide yardsale, mirror goggle lens shot, there’s an exciting post!

Photos by Alain Sleigher Photography


Snowmobile season – April fun times

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Here are a few pictures taken in April during snowmobile season. Some of them are of Jayves Kellie whose cooperation was of great help to achieve these shots. It is always good times at Chatter Creek. But then Everett went missing. Turns out he was sleeping on a couch dreaming about how fun a time he had had the night before! So, then everyone started having a good time again.

A snowmobile ride with Dan and Dale

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I have gotten to know the Chatter Creek area well enough in the past four years. Though, when you have to travel around in areas where you have only gone once, it becomes a lot more comfortable to be following Dale or Dan in their own “backyard” when the light is such as in the last picture.