What could Dale McKnight be up to?

Dale McKnight is one of the two owners of Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges. The reasons why he owns it is because he is one extremely hard working man, he loves the mountains, he loves people, he loves snow, he loves the woods, he loves skiing, he loves his home, he loves his family and many other things!

More on Dale and his awesome lodge later, now we are showing you some pictures of his new favorite toy. The purpose of this lovely beastly-looking piece of equipment is to make a proper ski run. You see, when Chatter Creek first started, quite a bit of logging had been done on the tenure, thus making natural ski runs all over the place. Also, before Chatter Creek started, no avalanche control had ever been done on some of those big alpine slopes. What that means is that mother nature used to clear all those alders and small trees on her own every few years. Basically, the bushes were taking control and making stop halfway on some of our longest, most pleasant runs. Until she arrived…

We give you : “THE SPIDER” a.k.a. Minzi